Build up your body with Androlic – The most powerful anabolic of all time

Build up your body with Androlic – The most powerful anabolic of all time

Anabolic steroids have secured a place among the normal users after lots of controversies and contradictions. Presently, millions of people have accepted the use of these substances for their physical improvement. Hundreds of different steroids with different qualities are presently available in the market. But if you want to know about the best bodybuilding element, it is Androlic.


Androlic is also known as Anadrol. 50mg of this substance is available in each tablet of Anadol. This is regarded as one of the most powerful and effective anabolic substance till date. Millions of bodybuilders across the world have been benefited from this element. This is a true strength builder and quick results with this element are very natural. You will only need four to six weeks.


Athletes or bodybuilders who are taking Anadrol for the first time, they should keep the dosage level as lower as 50mg. Once the first week is completed, the dosage can be increased up to 2 tablets daily. One is in the morning and another one is in the evening with the meals.  


If you are taking higher dosage of this steroid, you should not continue that for more than two or three weeks. Andin any case the use of this substance should not last more than six weeks. Once the element is discontinued, you should maintain the steroid treatment to prevent the sudden muscle and strength drop.


There are various side effects of this steroid that users start noticing within the first two weeks. Proper precautions can keep them away from such negative impacts. Users, who discontinue the use of this substance, get back to the normal life within the first month. Oxymetholone is the key ingredient of this substance and this may cause chronic diseases like Cancer.

Some more information

The primary application of almost any anabolic-androgenic steroid is to treat the problem of delayed puberty among the adolescents and treating the muscle-waste caused by diseases like HIV. These elements increase the growth of skeletal muscles and also develop male sexual characteristics.


                                                       The best anabolic steroid offering the best outcomes

This is one of the strongest and simultaneously the most effective oral steroids. It has higher affinity to androgen conversion. The higher affinity of androgen conversion often stimulates the body regeneration.  

The impacts of Anadrol are always quantitative rather than qualitative. It can provide dramatic results within a short period of time. Pounds of muscle gain within just few weeks are quite normal for this steroid. Along with the muscle gain the concern of water retention is also there. However, bodybuilders don’t seem to be very worried about this at all. Rather more water between the muscles helps to lubricate the muscle joins. If anyone is willing to reduce the effects of water retention, application of Nolvadex-D, Proviron may be a good option. It helps to increase the number of red blood cells in the muscles which enables muscles to absorb more oxygen. This makes intense workout possible.



As for the dosage of this steroid, this depends largely on the physical condition of the users and also on the experience of the users in using steroids. Each Androlic 50mg British Dragon tablets contain Oxymetholone. The standard dosage for the substance is 50 to 200mg on a daily basis. This has got lot to do with the users’ body weight as well.  


The first time Anadrol users should not exceed their dosage level more than 50mg on a daily basis. After this element for more than one week or so the dosage can be doubled. It should be taken twice a day. One is in the morning and one is in the evening.


The higher dosage of this substance should not be taken for more than six weeks at a stretch. And when you discontinue the dosage you need to apply steroids like Sustanon 250 or Testosterone Enanthate etc. This prevents the users from the impacts of sudden muscle drop.



Whatever steroid you use, there has to be some adverse effects of the elements. And those effects can only be overcome with proper precaution. Androlic/Anadrol is highly liver toxic. Continuous use of this element can increase the enzyme GOT and GPT in the liver. This can cause hepatitis which is a liver problem.


Longer use of this element can make the fingernails; skin color and eye color turn into yellowish. This can also cause permanent liver damage because of drastic changes. During the course the liver value and the quotient of LDH and HBDH should always be in check.


This substance is not at all recommended for the women. This may cause various irreversible virilization impacts in the body akin to acne, clitorial hypertrophy, deepening of voice, increased hair growth in the legs, increased libido etc.


You will achieve a muscular physique that is beyond imagination

Possible side effects

Oxymetholone easily shows the tendency of getting converted into estrogen; water retention is also a very common aspect of this steroid. This is why application of anti-estrogen is always necessary for this steroid. This may lead to high blood pressure as well. In extreme situations, the intake of anti-hypertensive drug


Although, this steroid doesn’t convert to estrogen but users who experience acne by using Anadrol can have a control over the situation by using Accutane. Among the other possible side effects, there are headache, stomach problem, lack of appetite, diarrhea. Athletes may experience ‘general disposition’ as well.


This can also cause increased aggressiveness which is the result of high level of androgen. This mainly happens when a large quantity of Testosterone is injected in the body along with Anadrol.   


The increased aggressiveness is caused by the resulting high level of androgen and occurs mostly when large quantities of testosterone are injected simultaneously with the use of anadrol.


Another adverse effect of this steroid is the reduction in the level of body Testosterone. The inhibiting impact of this steroid causes the reduction of the release of Gonadotropin hormone. Due to this reason, consumption of testosterone-stimulating elements such as HCG or Clomid is very much essential during the cycle.


Buy Androlic

This is one of the most popular and effective steroids available today. Millions of professional bodybuilders and amateur gym goers make use of this substance on a daily basis. And the most reliable source that has been providing this element to the users across the world is online steroid stores. Anyone can buy this element through online without any problem at all. Reputable online steroid stores are available in plenty on the internet just find out your preferred store and get that within a few days. This saves money, time and also offers a great level of convenience. 


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